LAV III Trumpeter Step by Step
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Last week I finally got the LAV III from trumpeter. Aside from making a big mistake by

the Stryker family of minstrels - scaled and very poor copies of prints.

I will address the construction of the model and his improvements and fix my new sets.

Overall, the current low-end model for modelers is a very good price and good quality.

The  advanced modelers expect more intensive work and repair defects.



The model has one critical mistake. Bad angle and size of the rear top of the hull.

To use the PE Blast Shield is necessary to correct this

View of the proper angle and size of the rear armor

Step 1.

I removed from the surface of all washers and bolts, because they are too big incorrect.

Looking to correct the appearance of washers and screws

View details on the washers and bolts.

Step 2

First to get a big mistake (for the entire Stryker family of trumpeter) a very thin extra armor is not real thick armor.

The missing add-on armor on the right side. Edit the front left and right additional armor to the correct shape.

Step 3.

Now I apply the anti slip surface. I used Mr. surfacer from Gunze Sangyo.

Before that, I rebuild the angles of the rear of the upper armor and added top add-on armor

& lt;span style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;">on the right side.

Step 4.

I started adding PE parts. First of all parts of the RMA 35214 set. You are starting to show large errors in the model.
Reference photos are but a lot of designer Trumpeter very much made up.
Known as the wrong size, but I found another big mistakes.
The front part of the comparison.

Left side

Pe parts - Left side.

Right side.

Small Update

Left side

Right side.

Right front view.

Left rear view.

Step 5.

I added all the screws and washers, complete chassis and wheels.
The entire system chassis is too divided on the details but when compared with reality or with the chassis from AFV Club is absolutely wrong.
The wheels I used on my production. They will be part of a new set, RMA 35214, a PE set and two Figures.

New update.

After a long pause, I add a new update. I finished the rear spare wheel holder. It must be said that this is the first part of the perfect model.
I added a Blast Shield on the back. I had to extend the parts yet because I use parts of the LAV III (for AFV model).Backside Blast Shield and I will add a new set.
Now I will prepare turret. I have a dilemma whether to use the kit turret of my products or just add instructions for repair and new covers.
The Turret from Trumpeter has incorrect rear upper armor, but the turret version with the blast shield must be removed.
Then just replace the main periscope to be correct, and the aforementioned covers.

Left front view.

Left rear view.

Rear right view from above.

Front right view from above.

Step 6. Turret

I used the Trumpeter turret. I cut off all washers and bolts. Then I did the anti sleep surface and glued new correct screws and washers.

I adjusted the rear top of the add-on armor because it is manufactured as one piece, not two parts.

Since the thin armor on the turret, is not necessary to remove the installation Blast Shield.

Here is the problem shows that the hull is shorter by 4 mm. Therefore, the rear basket reduced by 2-3 mm. Turret must be rotated.

I added the correct antenna mount and periscopes.

Last update.

Now the model is complete as the version from 2008. All Resin & PE parts, which includes photos of the new set of RMA 35214.
We will continue building LORIT version where'll use parts from the new set RM 35215.

Rear view.

Left side. Here, no tool box, because the left side is ready to LORIT large basket.

Right side.

Step 7. LORIT

I now added the remaining components (cage side) for LORIT.
It remains only a few details - lights, mirrors, washers and screws.

Rear view.

Right side view.

Front view.

Left side view.




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