M1070 HET Step by Step

M1070 HET 1/35 scale from Hobby Boss

The model I received as a Christmas gift. Due to the fact that years ago I photographed this vehiclein detail, for the construction resin model of AA.

I immediately began to build. At first glanceyou can see lots of detail and quality work from Hobby Boss.



Chassis & suspension.

I started construction of the chassis. (Photos tomorrow)

Last update: chassis with axes, functional steering front and rear axle.

Rear view.

Front right view

Functional steering.

Bottom view.

Last update for this year.

I just returned from the workshop with new wheels. Here are a few photos. NNIwill make air and fuel installation.

Next update.

Now is the added electrical and air installations in the rear of the vehicle. 
Cab and engine hood is deployedonly on the test because it will be added CPK (Crew Protection Kit).

Left side view

Rear view

Next Update - winch

Small update for this weekend. I put together both the winch.

A little problem is the narrow bend PE parts,because the material is quite hard.

Next small update - Exhaust

Next update - new parts for Cab

To be able to install the engine, I make a new front and lower part of the Cab. I also rebuilt the cooler.

Next update - Cab finished. Now interior painting.

Next update - Cab interior

Today I am a little stuffed cab interior, the necessary accessories.

Photos showed errors in the painting. Now I have to check and repair.

Next Update - Painting

Next update - Weathering progress

Next Update - first photos of resin engine

Engine without Turbo, alternator and water pump.

Next Update - Engine 95% finished

Next update - Engine finished

Today I finished the engine and put on the cab frame.

Engine wit PE parts

Hood instaled.

Next update - Trailer start build

Next update - Trailer build before finished

Next update - Trailer in basic CARC sand yellow

Next update - Second Tractor vith CPK

New Photos prom build progress.


Engine & Transmission detailed

Chassis with Cab

Photos of Real Vehicle.